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Yoga Teacher and Birth Companion

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Prenatal Yoga

It’s no secret that pregnancy is a time of change. In Prenatal Yoga, I invite you (the future mother) to connect with your inner resources, and to weather the storm of changes that occurs in mind and body as a result of pregnancy - all within a space of sharing and safety. In essence, prenatal yoga will help you build the confidence in your natural capacity to give life.   


In Prenatal Yoga, you will receive…

  • Moments just for you - the time to slow down and take care of yourself

  • Physical and mental preparation for childbirth, and for the days that follow

  • Tools to deal with pain during childbirth

  • A chance to reconnect with your intuition, instincts, and body intelligence

  • Social support – a chance to make friends with other future moms

  • Special moments between you and your future child


Note: It is advised to start prenatal yoga classes at the end of the first trimester.

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