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Yoga Teacher and Birth Companion

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Gentle Yoga 50+

A gentle practice of yoga is perfect for those who wish to mature with grace and resplendent vitality. It is contemplative, regenerative, and easy on the joints. The flow of postures and yoga’s other techniques are made to wake the body and mind, rendering the spirit clear and alert.


In addition to the well-known benefits of a general yoga practice, of which people of all ages can appreciate (better physical and mental health, improved sleep, breathing, digestion, reduced back pain, etc.), Gentle Yoga 50+ is designed to prevent the common difficulties associated with aging, such as the loss of muscle and bone mass, and weight gain. It can also help diminish the symptoms of hormonal changes in both men and women. Yoga stimulates the body’s inherent power of regeneration  ̶  effectively winding back the clock!

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