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Couples' Prenatal theory and Practical class

This theory class consists of three 3-hour modules, and exists to help couples make informed lifestyle choices during the pregnancy, childbirth, and subsequent nursing period. The three modules are outlined below. 


1. Pregnancy: In this module we talk about diet, sexuality, and the importance of physical activity, sleep, rest, and mental health during the pregnancy. If needed, we talk about remedies for the physical woes associated with pregnancy, and also discuss the advantages of having a midwife follow-up versus a doctor follow-up.


In the practical section we will explore some safe way to touch and massage a pregnant woman.

2. Preparation for childbirth: We talk about the early signs and subsequent phases of childbirth, when to go to the hospital, how to deal with pain, medical procedures (what they are and in which situations they are useful), and what to bring to the hospital for the mother and the baby. We will then discuss the importance of a birth plan, and how to make it. 

In the practical section of this module we will explore some ways to deal with pains with breath, sounds, and visualisation. 

3. Life with a newborn: We prepare you for the first days of life with a baby (sleep, crying, bathing, baby’s diet) and the importance of a support system. We talk about your diet as a breastfeeding mother, and the mental health of the couple.

In the practical section of this module, we will explore some supported position for giving birth, with and without a partener.

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