Dominique Champagne

Yoga Teacher and Birth Companion

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Chair Yoga 60+

Chair Yoga is hatha yoga with support. Respect and kindness towards oneself is the foundation of this class, and the use of chairs and other props makes yoga safe and accessible to everyone. At a venerable age, the body becomes more fragile, and many little aches and pains may arise.


Practicing yoga can make significant improvements to the state of the body and state of mind. Indeed, it can improve circulation to the extremities, balance and improve respiratory capacity, and increase mobility, bringing better articulation to the joints and to the spine. With a regular practice, sleep will be more profound and restful, and you may find that a well of untapped energy awaits you. In essence, it will imbue confidence and community support in your day to day life.


Senior Yoga classes are adapted to each student’s abilities, and I promise to respect your needs and limitations, whatever they may be. At the beginning of each class, we take the time to warm up every joint and muscle, for a gentle and playful approach to every asana.

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